Marcel Wanders Interview: Clear Magazine

Check out my interview with Dutch designer Marcel Wanders for Clear Magazine‘s December issue here. Marcel was a real pleasure, speaking about his new retrospective exhibit at the Philadelphia Museum of Art (his first major solo show in the US), how he’s changed as a designer over the last two decades, his latest collaborations, and… Continue reading Marcel Wanders Interview: Clear Magazine

Jack the Pelican Presents “CurlyQ”

The “CurlyQ” multimedia group show opens this Friday, November 20th, 7-9pm. Hosted by Jack the Pelican Presents: 487 Driggs Ave., Brooklyn, NY. Featuring work by: Lars Kremer Rob Fisher Mary Ting Mark Joshua Epstein Ian Brownlee Joseph Cavalieri Nola Romano Matt Hansel Charles Birnbaum George Jenne Yuanyuan Yang Elia Alba Ira Eduardovna

Greg Lauren’s “Alteration”

For his newest series, “Alteration,” artist/sculptor Greg Lauren has hand-sewn treated Japanese paper to simulate various materials (wool, cotton, gabardine), frayed edges, wrinkles and folds. Each of his paper garments represents a different male character or archetype, all personally relevant to Lauren (who happens to be the nephew of fashion legend Ralph Lauren), and painstakingly… Continue reading Greg Lauren’s “Alteration”

“Marcel Wanders: Daydreams”

This November, the Philadelphia Museum of Art welcomes visionary Dutch designer Marcel Wanders in a self-designed, self-curated exhibition called “Marcel Wanders: Daydreams.” This will be a dreamlike, multimedia installation of objects personally selected by Wanders to represent pivotal points in his 20+ year career. Video images, lighting, and sound will illuminate his creative development over… Continue reading “Marcel Wanders: Daydreams”