Fabricated Tales: Paolo Ventura at Hasted Kraeutler, T Magazine, September 2011 (link)

Snapshot: Shen Wei, Aperture, August 2011 (link)

Erwin Olaf: De La Mar Aperture, June 2011 (link)

Snapshot: Tod Papageorge, Aperture, June 2011 (link)

Natural Woman: An Interview with Sanna Kannisto, Aperture, June 2011 (link)

Illumination: An Interview with Rinko Kawauchi, Aperture, June 2011 (link)

Snapshot: An Interview with Alex Webb, Aperture, June 2011 (link)

How They Got the Shot, T Magazine, March 2010 (link)

The Pig That Therefore I Am: An Interview with Miru Kim:, March 2011 (link)

“Renaissance Man: David LaChapelle” : interview for Dazed&Confused, March 2010 (link)

Checking In: Erwin Olaf, T Magazine, February 2010 (link)

In Cahoots: Patti Smith & Steven Sebring, T Magazine, January 2010 (link)

David DiMichele’s “Pseudodocumentation”:, Oct. 2009 (link)

Miru Kim: Body of Evidence: Clear Magazine Issue 33, Sept. 2009 (pdf)

Sally Mann’s “Proud Flesh” :, September 2009 (link)

The Real Afghanistan: Steven Wohlwender’s Eye: PDN Oct 2008 (pdf)

Hugh Kretschmer Revealed: Jan 2008 (pdf)

Hugh Kretschmer Q&A: Graphis Photography Annual 2008(pdf)

The Parish Kohanim Interview: Graphis Photography 2008 (pdf)

A Conversation with Joel Meyerowitz: Graphis Photo Annual 2007 (pdf)

Q&A with Paolo Ventura: Graphis Photo Annual 2007

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