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Saturday, June 13th, 2009

D Lynch Dita Van Teese

Tonight, for one night only, L.A. store De La Barracuda hosts the Evolution exhibit. Organized by Factory 311 director Nicholas Hardy and photographer Lionel Deluy, Evolution is the result of a 16 month collaboration between the two. With a focus on the analogy between evolution and creative fame, Hardy and Deluy convened a crew of renowned digital artists to collaborate on the show. According to Hardy, “It’s about growth, fight and life…you can’t construct ideas on your own; you need to seek like-minded people.”

Celebrities on display include David Lynch, Dita Von Teese, Marilyn Manson, Will.I.Am, Gary Oldman, Ice Cube and more. And while some images are definitely stronger than others, the overall concept is well-executed. Deluy’s hope is to challenge preconceptions associated with celebrities. He says, “Today, the public perceive celebs as a somewhat God, but they are only human; I want to go deeper and further, to displace celebrities from their recognisable environment; make them shine in a different light, whilst capturing the essence of evolution.”

For more information, visit Factory 311.