Dror’s 3D Printed Lamp by .MGX

Designer Dror Benshetrit’s new 3D Printed Lamp- Volume.MGX- transforms a flat, SLS print of interlocking squares into a super-cool, cube-shaped lamp. When unfolded and placed on its stand, the hundreds of squares are illuminated. Applying what he calls “squared square geometry,” Dror produced the lamp from one, collapsible piece. Manufactured by .MGX by Materialise, the… Continue reading Dror’s 3D Printed Lamp by .MGX

Clear Magazine Issue 34 Now Online!

Clear’s digital winter issue is up online now at www.clearmag.com. We’re really excited – and I’m personally pretty proud – to have collaborated with Designer of the Year Maarten Baas on the cover for the special Design Miami/Art Basel issue! In addition to Mr. Baas, the new issue features profiles of and new projects by… Continue reading Clear Magazine Issue 34 Now Online!