Eat Out! on

Check out my review of Gestalten‘s awesome new book, Eat Out! It surveys the most interesting, contemporary restaurant concepts and designs, and includes wild restaurant spots like a dinner in the sky (table suspended 50 meters in the air by a crane) and an installation that envelops guests in a vapor of Gin and… Continue reading Eat Out! on

Y Water Takes Manhattan

When great design inspires healthy living, there’s not much more we can ask for. Y Water’s perfect union combines a cool and kid-friendly, 100% recyclable bottle with removable, biodegradable labeling and a flavored, vitamin- and mineral-rich, low-sugar, organic beverage. Once empty, the container becomes a toy that kids can link to other bottles through biodegradable,… Continue reading Y Water Takes Manhattan

Droog’s Tableau Tablecloth

Droog‘s “Tableau Tablecloth” was created by photographer Maurice Scheltens using the photogram technique, and reveals the aftermath of a (successful?) dinner party. This super-cool tablecloth comes in 6 and 8-person setting sizes that’ll cost you a pretty penny, running $560 and $630 each.