Tsunami Glassworks

tubes olive aqua
tubes black iristubes strawberry saffron
Above: images from the TUBES series by Tsunami Glassworks, courtesy of the artists.

Founded in 2005 by Ontario-based husband and wife team Kriston Gene and Eva Milinkovic, Tsunami Glassworks designs and produces vibrant blown glass objects. Tsunami’s TUBES series is a study of scale through multiples. Each TUBE can be shown individually or in clusters. The color is key to the design, adding a punch of color to any environment.

Says Milinkovic: “Our approach is to mirror the large glass companies who produce quality glass products; we see little limitations in the material and are constantly trying new techniques to bring our designs to the public. We try to push our designs to look completely different from the traditional glass that ‘s out there already.”

“Our goal really is just to continue working with glass; it’s so much fun and so easy to fall in love with. It’s a beautiful material, the colours and translucency you can’t achieve with anything else.”

Of their working relationship, Milinkovic says, “Collaboration is a big part of what we do together.” Describing TUBES, she says, “I was playing around in the studio… Kris walked in and said, ‘That’s the most ridiculous thing I’ve ever seen.’ A little bit of tweaking later and it became one of our staple products, incorporated into large clusters in hotel and restaurant projects, sold individually to customers and retailers and used in our lighting designs.”

tsunami / pronounced su | na | mi / n. a large ocean wave caused by a strong force beneath the earth’s surface. The word tsunami is used as a metaphor for a tidal wave of great strength.

tsunami glassworks / blown | cast | glass / n. a company with great strength in design and power in execution. tsunami glassworks – sculptural and functional blown glass for the contemporary living environment.

For more information, check out www.tsunamiglassworks.com

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